Gryphon's Aeire

Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast Sausage - Yield; Around 3-1/2-lb

   3 1/2 lbs Freshly Ground Pork, Shoulders or Butts Preferred
   2 tbsp Kosher Salt
   3 tbsp Crumbled Dried Sage,
     OR 1 tbsp Rubbed Sage (Smell To Ascertain Freshness)
   2 tbsp Fennel Seed, Toasted and Cracked
   1/8 tsp Ground Ginger
   1/4 tsp Ground Nutmeg
   1/4 to 1 tsp Ground Cayenne
   1 tsp Ground Thyme
   1 tbsp Ground Black Pepper
   1/2 Cup Ice Water

Make sure that all ingredients are cold and that all equipment is 
clean, sanitary, and cold. "Freezer cold" is too cold. The meat will 
stick to the metal. Place pork in a large, cold shallow container 
like a roasting pan. Combine dry seasonings together. Sprinkle 
seasoning mix and cold water evenly over the surface of the pork. Mix 
thoroughly, just until homogenized. Cook a test patty. Adjust 
seasoning if necessary. Divide, roll, and freeze immediately, or 
proceed with recipe. You can stuff this sausage into casings. Use 
fresh sausage within 1 or 2 days.

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